Is he going to be 60 soon? Lenny Kravitz delighted his fans with topless photo

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: Getty Images

Musician Lenny Kravitz is in no hurry to retire, and at the age of 69, he continues to surprise fans with his excellent form. Thanks to his relaxation, he can easily compete with his future son-in-law, Channing Tatum.

The hitmaker took to social media to release a promo for his new album. He was topless in the images. According to the plot of the video, Lenny opens the door and accepts the delivered records. He then goes after the record player and runs into the backyard with his dogs as soon as the song starts playing.

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: social networks

Half-naked Kravitz continues to play with his pets in the rain. He also acts like a teenager. “Lenny Kravitz, 29 years old. Really?”, “This man is aging so gracefully! “Fans look like he’s 33,” he writes.

Recently Lenny showed how he works out in leather pants at the gym. And last fall, she starred in a completely nude video.

Source: People Talk

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