Incredible negligence: Hailey Bieber returned to short hair

The Coachella festival traditionally offers us dozens of extraordinary images that can be analyzed for reference purposes. The Fashion Vibes fashion department has already collected the most gorgeous of them. We also can’t ignore the new haircut that Hailey Bieber wore at the festival.

Hayley preferred a bob haircut like many celebrities this season. But if Sydney Sweeney did a more rocker version of the bob, and Elle Fanning, on the contrary, chose the classic, Hailey Bieber chose the most spectacular. Her hair reaches to the middle of her neck and has a slightly messy cut, but at the same time it looks voluminous and luxurious. That is why this hairstyle is already called “Baroque bob”.

Hailey Bieber. Photo: social networks

Baroque style is not distinguished by restraint and clear lines, such as classicism. It is characterized by grandeur, sensuality and an abundance of details. Hayley’s new haircut, with strands romantically scattered across her face and voluminous at the roots, perfectly embodies baroque solemnity.

Source: People Talk

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