“I have beauty!”: Zhanna Friske’s sister underwent plastic surgery

37-year-old Natalya Friske visited the plastic surgeon. The singer underwent breast correction surgery and diastasis stitching. She gave herself this gift on her birthday.

Natalia Friske. Photo: social networks

The sister of the late Zhanna Friske came to her senses after the operation and told on social networks how everything went. According to him, the procedure took longer than planned, but the star feels good. “It works to relieve pain, and everything does not hurt yet. I have beauty! – said Natalya.

Friske noted that her family was very worried about her: “My mother and father lost me, they were afraid, they were poor. “I said the operation would take 4 hours, but in the end it took 6 hours.” The artist was very happy that she decided to have plastic surgery; He gave himself such a gift for his birthday, which will take place on April 21.

By the way, this is not the first time Natalya Friske has undergone plastic surgery. She had previously had rhinoplasty and liposuction on her abdomen. According to the sister of the singer and actor, this time she was given better anesthesia.

Let us also remind you that Natalya Friske celebrated her daughter Luna’s birthday the other day. The girl turned two years old.

Source: People Talk

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