‘It’s almost a blank canvas’: Kanye West tries to sell his ‘safe haven’

Kanye West. Photo: social networks

Rapper Kanye West can’t get rid of unusual real estate. The star’s mansion, which he is trying to turn into his shelter, is not available at a discount.

Kanye West reduced the price of the mansion from five billion rubles to three billion rubles. The approximately 400-square-foot house has four bedrooms and five bathrooms overlooking the Pacific Ocean. However, it has no windows, walls, roof or electricity.

TMZ writes that West, 46, put the house up for sale almost four months ago. He’s optimistic and says it’s “almost a blank canvas” for potential buyers.

Kanye West bought a luxury property in 2021 and paid twice the price he is currently asking for it for. He wanted to turn the house into a “1910s bomb shelter.”

Tony Saxon, the designer hired by the rapper for the reconstruction, said that he sincerely believed that he would create an object of art. He fired the specialist when he told the client that it was extremely dangerous to live in such a house.

Source: People Talk

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