Bubblegum Nails: This nail polish color will be on everyone’s hands this spring

Manicure trends continue to pour in in early spring. The new trend of the moment? Bubble gum nails! But what is this shade of paint that is being emulated?

After the nude nails, butter or even the aurora style, Bubble gum nails are making a notable appearance this spring. Candy pink, like the famous chewing gum of our childhood, can be worn in a minimalist way (in plain or French) or maximalist way (in the form of nail art). Rather divisive, this trend will certainly not please everyone, but its feminine and precious appearance will seduce the most demanding among us!

A delicate transparent pink

Beyond the color palette, which ranges from strawberry milkshake to baby pink shades, this rather delicate trend is worn in total transparency. To adopt it, put aside your classic matt paints and Instead, adopt formulas initially intended for French, whose opacity level is quite light. This way you will get perfect bubblegum nails!

A trend inspired by the Coquette movement

Inspired by the flirtatious movement, where hyper-femininity mixes with delicacy and nostalgia, bubblegum nails embody the perfect trend to match this overrated aesthetic. To be combined with a ribbon in the hair and a dress with English embroidery, they find their place in the fashion and beauty panorama of the moment. And their different shades of pink will be perfect to start this season off right.

Our photos and videos inspired by bubble gum nails

the manor


I have never loved a nail color so much

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