Cosmonaut Anna Kikina was awarded the title of Hero of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia to test cosmonaut Anna Kikina. This follows from the tender decision published on the legal information portal. The decree states that the astronaut was rewarded for his courage and heroism during a long expedition to the ISS.

Anna Kikina

Anna Kikina is the only woman in the Roscosmos cosmonaut corps. On October 5, 2022, the Crew Dragon spacecraft made its sixth manned flight to the ISS. This event became important to the history of space exploration for many reasons; one of which was the presence on board of Anna Kikina, one of two women in the crew.

Last year, Anna Kikina became the heroine of The Fashion Vibes 2023 and was awarded the award by our publication. It is worth noting that the cosmonaut is also professionally involved in skydiving – Anna Kikina has already made 153 jumps.

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