A street may be opened in memory of Ryan Gosling in Russia

Sometimes we think Ryan Gosling is about to take over the world. Now it’s time to name the streets after him…

Ryan Gosling. Photo: Getty Images

Apparently Kirov residents love the actor so much that they organized a petition proposing that Felix Dzerzhinsky Street be renamed Gosling Street. So far it has collected 119 of the required 200 signatures.

Photo: screenshot from change.org

Those who came up with this idea thought about everything so much that they even explained in detail why the name of a Hollywood star should symbolize the street. Dzerzhinsky Street is one of the longest streets in the city of Vyatka. And if Felix Dzerzhinsky did not like Vyatka and “ran away from him in fear”, then Ryan Gosling will attract the attention of tourists to the city. I agree, who else wouldn’t want to visit Gosling Street? “The actor is incredibly popular in Russia. Many men want to be like him,” said locals.

Source: People Talk

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