Game of Thrones: These Deaths Are the Series Creators’ Favorites (And We Understand Them)

David Benioff and DB Weiss, the showrunners of Game of Thrones, admitted that it was nice to rediscover the pleasure of “killing a really bad guy”.

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

There are the ones we didn’t see coming, the ones we still harbor resentment towards the writers for, and the ones that, let’s face it, made you cheer. The dead are one of the great topics of game of Thrones. Five years after the end of the most famous fantasy series, they continue to create debates, even among its creators.

So many good guys die in GOT that we love seeing bad guys die

On the occasion of the March release of 3 body problemthe new giant of showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss, the latter guests of the podcast Happy Sad Confused . During the conversation, they were asked what their favorite death was, as reported by Hollywood reporter.

And their answer may surprise you: the creators of GOT appear to have been the hit first Of the number of heroes we grow fond of but who end up dying in atrocious suffering. To the point that the showrunner they seem to be the first to rejoice the death of real bad guys. Weiss said:

” With [Game of] Thrones, there were so many good people who died that we were happy to finally get to kill Joffrey in season 4 and Ramsay Bolton in season 6. It was fun to get back to the old joys of killing a real bad guy. I felt like this balanced the scales a bit. »

Joffrey Game of Thrones
Joffrey Game of Thrones

Shared pleasure. His colleague, David Benioff, is the same way, talking about his favorite death:

“For me it’s at the end of Battle of the Bastards, when Sophie [Turner, interprète de Sansa, ndlr] unleashes the hounds on the Bastard of Bolton. He won’t go away. We don’t really see him die. You only see part of him in the background, but you don’t really see his death. What you see is Sophie/Sansa’s smile. »

And you, what is your favorite death? game of Thrones ?

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