Producers “Insight People” will perform at the first international film festival “Spirit of Fire”

Executive producer Maria Ekhalova and creative producer of digital projects from the company Insight People Marina Badmadorzhieva will be speakers at the roundtable “From blogger to filmmaker: the secret of success”. The discussion will take place as part of the first international film festival “The Spirit of Fire”, which will be held on March 26 in Khanty-Mansiysk. The main media partner of the festival is Gazprom-Media Holding.

“Insight People production center has created an application for bloggers’ participation in film production. They successfully produce projects on topics such as love of family and homeland, talk about the regions, traditions and cultures of Russia. We see that audiences like influencers’ new views on familiar things, because the films are watched millions of times,” Maria Ekhalova noted.

Invited speakers, including bloggers, will talk about the new trend of creating “public cinema”. They act not only as actors but also as screenwriters, directors and producers. Their creativity and fresh ideas expand the audience of patriotic cinema, use a new cinematic language and set trends for the industry.

“In the modern world, trends and trends are changing at the speed of light, and there is a certain advantage in this; We witness new trends, we can say, we stand at their origins. “Just 10 years ago, many people believed that blogging was just a passion, a hobby, but today influencers often shoot feature and short films that are indistinguishable from professional films,” shared Marina Badmadorzhieva.

Along with Maria Ekhalova and Marina Badmadorzhieva, the round table included Ruslan Khakimyanov, the producer of the projects “Baikal Day”, “Dance Trip”, “Theater Day”, “Islamic World” and the resident of the production center, blogger “Insight People” Vladimir Rovensky. The discussion will be moderated by Elena Levi, head of the development department of the Insight People production center.

Source: People Talk

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