An open dialogue “Behind the scenes of the blogosphere: a view from the inside” was held at VDNKh

On the eve of the third anniversary of the Insight People production center, which has been owned by Gazprom-Media Holding since November 2023, the open dialogue “Behind the Scenes of the Blogosphere: An Insider Look” was held. Speakers discussed what opportunities national platforms offer for implementation, what a sought-after blogger looks like today, and where to start a career as an influencer in 2024.

“Not only federal but also regional writers and bloggers are becoming stars now. They take part in the holding’s TV projects, especially in popular reality shows such as “Challenge”, “Survive in Dubai”, “Emperor’s Treasures”. And its broadcasts are carried out on TNT channel, one of the television brands with which GPM RTV merged. Such a close connection between the blogosphere and TV allows us to increase the audience and diversify the content,” said Boris Khanchalyan, Deputy General Director of GPM RTV.

Also participating in the discussion were General Director of the Insight People production center Alina Zinnatullina, CEO of the vertical video application Yappy Danila Ovcharov, RUTUBE General Producer David Kocharov and Insight People production resident David Manukyan. center, blogger, actress, singer and TV presenter (DAVA).

“The Russian blogosphere radically influences information processes in our country, creates a creative class and promotes spiritual and moral values. Thanks to the wide regional infrastructure, every talented writer can express himself in new media and become famous. It is clear that in the future Russian bloggers will become increasingly influential in the media field and their level of responsibility will increase,” added Alina Zinnatullina.

The event took place in the Gazprom pavilion at the Russia exhibition at VDNKh. During the conversation, experts discussed the influence of the Russian blogosphere on information processes in our country; In this way, influencers have become opinion leaders, especially for the younger generation. Young people see bloggers as idols and authorities, which shows the importance of this field not only now but also in the long term. As part of the open dialogue, experts discussed not only the future of the blogosphere in Russia, but also the opportunities for implementation and monetization of content offered by national social networks.

According to Danila Ovcharov, today it is more important than ever to support and expand the creative community of aspiring writers striving to develop. Vertical video application Yappy is becoming a springboard for new bloggers and also supports them thanks to the video platform’s numerous projects, helping them realize their wildest ideas.

“Although we are officially called a “social network”, RUTUBE is a video hosting tool aimed precisely at video content and video consumption. Gradually, all Russian content is being uploaded to us, including not only blogger content, but also special professional programs from federal TV channels. People are starting to realize that they should go to RUTUBE for high quality and diverse Russian content. “We are number one among Russian platforms in this regard,” said David Kocharov.

Source: People Talk

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