Here are the countries where sex in Europe is least satisfying according to Womanizer

Womanizer, a pioneering brand of intimate accessories, conducted a study in five European countries: France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. And among the resulting statistics, the one relating to sexual satisfaction is enough to arouse curiosity. We can also deduce which country is where people say they are most dissatisfied.

Have you ever wondered in which country people say they are most sexually satisfied? Womanizer, yes, and he also conducted the survey, with eleven countries in total, including the United States, Australia and Japan, and five European countries: France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. But among the five, who takes first place in terms of sexual dissatisfaction, according to the April 2023 report of the pioneer brand in terms of intimate accessories.


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And the country in Europe where sexual dissatisfaction is said to be highest is…

The United Kingdom ranks first among the five most sexually dissatisfied European countries surveyed, with only 37% of people interviewed saying they were satisfied. Then Germany with 43% satisfied. The satisfaction podium therefore goes to Switzerland with 45%, France with 53% and Spain with 58%.

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