Get rid of it now: 5 main anti-trends for spring-summer 2024

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Every year the number of trends and fashionable aesthetics with the prefix core is growing faster and faster. Now, in order to keep up with everything that is happening, you need not only to follow shows and red carpet awards, but also to monitor social networks (especially TikTok, where the most creative users gather), watch and watch TV series. Forget the looks of star girls.

True, such a crazy number of trends also have a downside marked “anti”. Due to the huge influx of new trends, old ones are quickly losing their relevance and leaving the fashion arena for several years (and maybe forever). By the way, this is another reason why you should approach shopping consciously and not spend your paycheck on something that literally everyone is wearing.

So today we decided to find out what you need to get rid of in order to be 100% fashionable in the spring of 2024. We’ve rounded up five hopelessly outdated items.

pink things

Margot Robbie. Photo: Getty Images

The Barbicore boom and everything connected with it ended last summer. This means you have to forget about pink for a while. Designers also support this decision. The number of products in this color in the spring-summer 2024 collections decreased by more than 30% compared to last year. You should vote for orange or red instead of Barbie’s color.

Single button cardigan

Jacquemus Fall 2021

A few years ago, single-buckle (well-spoken) cardigans were the most coveted item in the fashion community. And thanks to Simon Porte Jacquemus, who presented this wardrobe item in one of his collections. Soon similar models began to be produced by mass market and many local brands. This cardigan craze has been going on for over a year, but now everyone is tired of it. Therefore, we recommend that you put the product in the farthest drawer of your wardrobe.

balloon skirts

Photo: social networks

Balloon skirts are the main trend of the last spring-summer season. Literally every fashion blogger and urban fashionista was wearing mini, midi and maxi length items. However, like every micro trend, these too have come to an end. Balloon skirts are now one of the anti-trend trends. Moreover, we recently wrote that such a wardrobe item spoils the figure of almost everyone.

wide belt

Dsquared2 Fall 2023

Last year, the fashion community was obsessed with wide belts with accent buckles and metallic details. Just like in the 2000s, when the accessory was worn with low-rise skinny jeans or microskirts. But this season such “flashy luxury” is no longer relevant. Instead, we recommend that you take a closer look at thin belts that will clearly highlight your waist.

sports glasses

Kim Kardashian. Photo: social networks

Two years ago, every second hypebeast dreamed of glasses like a cyclist, and sporty chic was the leading trend in the industry. Street style heroes and fashion influencers wore chameleon lens sunglasses not with tracksuits or bike shorts, but with dangerous miniskirts and rhinestone crop tops. But this trend is a thing of the past. Nowadays, minimalist glasses bearing the spirit of the 90s are in fashion.

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