“When you lie about me, I will reveal the truth”: T-killah revealed the whole truth about Mia Boyka’s departure

At the beginning of the month, it was learned that Mia Boyka and T-killah broke their contracts. But this could not be done without a scandal. In a recent interview, the singer revealed how much she had to pay the producer to get her name back (and the list goes on). Today Alexander Tarasov (real name of the artist Note ed.) He posted a video on YouTube in which he revealed his truth.

T-killah and Mia Boyka. Photo: social networks

According to Tarasov, Maria Boyko (real name of the singer Note ed.) knew the artist long before they met, but claimed in an interview that he had not heard of the artist before. As proof, he shows the message the girl wrote: “For you and Masha (T-killah’s wife) – Note ed.) I’ve been following for a long time. I like your music. By the way, I even have a photo with you.

T-killah explained how they decided to cooperate. “After the letter, Mia came to my studio and we signed a contract, a contract that she read for a long time. “So it was strange for me to hear that he was kind of a kid and that this contract was even consulted,” the musician said. The contract also stated that “all songs will belong to the producer.” Alexander explained this by saying that the producer invested a lot of money in the artist.

T-killah. Photo: social networks

He assured that the singer could perform calmly on stage. “I’m not banning anything, please do it. Use your name and sing the songs. But the songs always belong to the producer, it has always been that way,” Tarasov explained.

T-killah stated that Mia Boyka recently provoked him to terminate her contract with him. “During these 8-9 months, there was a lot of enthusiasm, there were delays, concerts and advertisements were disrupted. He behaved in every possible way so that I could tell him: “Listen, that’s it, you already behaved like that. It won’t go on like this.” But no, I realized that the artist’s ego was growing, she (Mia Boyka – Note ed.) is turning into a star and the whole team needs to be patient. This is the fate of manufacturers. “That’s exactly what we did,” said the musician.

Mia Boyka. Photo: social networks

Where did the amount of 150 million that Mia mentioned earlier in the interview come from? T-killah explains: “The remaining two years of the contract Note ed.), my investment of funds, money and time is worth 150 million rubles. This is my part of the contract. “Some may say this is an exaggerated amount, but most importantly, I did not demand this money from Mia.” The producer then shows his correspondence with Mia. “If the offer does not come after a month, then we will fulfill our obligations to each other as we agreed and complete the two years as in the contract. “We will sign an agreement at the end of the semester and I will give you the name,” one of the messages reads.

T-killah focused on the fact that Mia Boyka was not “extorting money” as it was understood after her statements. He also stated: “Whenever he lies about me, I will come forward and reveal the truth.”

Let’s note that at the end of T-killah’s video he says: “When you just got a girl: you found a name for her, you found a picture for her, you found everything for her… All social networks were created, because they were essentially zero, they came up with her image , paid for the promotion of tracks, social networks. Just everything… Then of course these are completely different conditions.” However, she already introduces herself as “Miya Boyka” at the beginning of the video, where she added a screenshot of the singer’s first message.

Photo: Frame from YouTube channel T-killah
Photo: Shot from YouTube channel T-killah
Photo: Frame from YouTube channel T-killah
Photo: Frame from YouTube channel T-killah

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