5 pairs of shoes you need to be on trend this spring

According to fashion bloggers on TikTok and other social networks, you only need five pairs of shoes to create great looks. According to this trend, your wardrobe should have something for every day, something sophisticated, something stylish, something huge and special. We will take this sensational theory of shoes as the basis of today’s material.

We’re talking about five pairs you’ll need to stay on trend this spring.

They are all different in mood, style and purpose. For example, pointy slingbacks with small heels should be worn on a date or to breakfast with friends, but chunky loafers or brogues are perfect for a business meeting. But first things first.

Something for every day

Flow: ballet flats with thin rods

Comfortable flat shoes, with which you can walk on the streets of the capital (and not only) without consequences, are a must-have in everyone’s collection. So, in the “Something for every day” category, ballet flats win by a wide margin. Moreover, completely different models are now in trend: with or without thin straps, pointed or round toe, leather or patent leather. In the spring of 2024, ballet flats can be combined with skirts of different lengths, feminine dresses and loose jeans.

something sophisticated

Flow: kitten hills

In the next category, kitten heels with the code name skinny, that is, shoes with small heels up to five centimeters, definitely win. Another prerequisite for this model is a sharp cape. This combination will look very stylish with a midi skirt, trouser suit and Bermuda shorts. If you’re looking to fit in with the office’s siren aesthetic, kitten heels are just what the doctor (read: stylist) ordered.

something smart

Flow: satin mule

However, you can safely consider satin mules, which the entire fashion community has gone crazy about lately, as a stylish thing in your wardrobe. Styles like those in the Prada, Carven and Altuzarra shows can be worn with confidence on dates and styled with basic jeans, a flowy slip or a translucent skirt. In any case, the outfit will look great.

something huge

Flow: platform clogs

Chemena Kamali’s debut at Chloé proved that boho style would be returning to the fashion scene very soon. And with it came ethnic patterns, tiered dresses, tasseled blouses and, of course, clogs with wooden soles. And we propose to consider this pair something chunky (i.e. “something enormous”). Clogs can be worn with socks and stockings or barefoot. And it is worth styling it with jeans, denim skirts, jorts and linen dresses (if we are talking about late spring).

A special thing

Trend: red shoes

If you want something special, trust the color and you won’t go wrong. Shoes in all shades of red will be trendy in both spring and summer. That is why the The Fashion Vibes fashion department proposes to replenish its collection with bright pairs. While you can choose the aforementioned ballet flats, ballet flats or slingbacks, you can also choose moccasins, loafers or sandals.

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