Roman Kostomarov’s wife spoke about children’s reaction to the amputation of the figure skater’s limbs

Roman Kostomarov’s wife, Oksana Domnina, said that one of the most difficult moments recently was the conversation with children about the amputation of the skater’s limbs. She announced this in an interview with Yulia Menshova on her YouTube channel.

As Oksana admitted, she felt that it was impossible to delay the silence, because children could hear it from strangers at any time. “How do you explain to children that the father will not have legs and arms? “I’m sitting here right now and I don’t believe what I’m saying, I don’t believe what’s going on,” she admitted.

Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina with children. Photo: social networks

Seven-year-old Ilya experienced what he heard slightly differently from his older sister due to his age: “It was obvious that he was worried, he had tears in his eyes.” But Nastya found it more difficult to speak: “Of course, there were tears, snot, hugs.”

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