This cardboard stick blush is a hit on social media and here’s why

All you need to do is connect to TikTok or Instagram for a few minutes to see this blush stick continuously pass before your eyes. But what does he have more than others?

Finding the perfect blush is not easy. The latter must give a healthy glow without dulling the natural luminosity of the skin or overdoing it. It also needs to be precisely pigmented (neither too much nor too little) to allow it to be visible without making us look like clowns. In short, the issue is anything but simple. But TikTok users took care of doing this job for us and finding THE blush that will make us forget all the others. His name ? Pixie’s on-the-glow blush. What do we like about him? We will explain!

A blush that offers incredible brightness

The peculiarity of this stick blush is above all its formulation. Creamy, it can be applied as desired and deposits a transparent layer of colour on the cheekbones, nose and all points of the face where you want relief. But above all it is its hydrating side, obtained thanks to a mixture based on ginseng, aloe vera and fruit extracts. which allows it to enhance the natural luminosity of the skin in a single pass.

https://www.tiktok.com/@pixibeauty/video/7205742562731117867?q=pixie blush&t=1710753067281

A super practical product to always carry with you

Beyond its flawless formulation, this stick blush has a non-negotiable advantage: it is very convenient to use. In stick form, it slips into your bag and can be applied or reapplied as needed or desired. Whether you want to use it in the morning to give yourself a healthy glow before a professional meeting or in the evening after leaving the office… It is easy to remove and apply. ! Just apply the right amount of product on your face and blend it with your finger if necessary.

Plus, hundreds of videos have already been posted on TikTok showing people applying their Pixie Blush on the subway, in the car, or just at the beach (because yes, you may want to wear makeup on the beach). Pretty practical, right?

https://www.tiktok.com/@sunyatoo/video/7286080151727705351?q=pixie blush&t=1710753067281

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