“I got rotten”, discriminated against when returning from maternity leave, she attacks her employer

In an investigation published in “Mediapart”, a former associate director of the auditing firm EY reports having contacted the employment tribunal, accusing the global giant of discrimination due to her maternity.

After maternity leave, hell began “. This is how Aude* describes her return from maternity leave to her company, the global audit giant EY. In an article published on Mediapart this Sunday, March 17, reported that he had lodged an appeal with the employment tribunal discriminatory moral harassment, linked to her maternity.

Forced to work during sick leave

That all changed in September 2019. While Aude was at the peak of her career, her second pregnancy was difficult and led to it having to be terminated prematurely. What her superior deplores, who believes in a message that she “get into shit “. In another message, she asks him to make sure a “minimum service”. Aude performs, and works during his sick leave.

In January 2021, upon returning from maternity leave, she returned to her position. But the disappointments begin. First, her annual bonus amount is much lower than usual, despite her achieving 75% of her goals. She then tells a series of reflections on her motherhood: “What is your treatment modality? », “Can you come to dinner? […] compared to your children? » But also reproaches when he asks to know in advance when his next business trips will take place, when instead he just wants to organize child care.

Little by little, it is entrusted to her fewer and fewer missionsand it is more and more expelled significant email cycles. One of her favorite clients, who she saw disappearing, like others, from her wallet, contacted her on her personal phone, insisting that Aude take control of her practice, she says Mediapart. “I received your tender and I let myself rot”Aude testifies to the newspaper

Parking for “reactive anxious-depressive syndrome”

Aude then confides in an employee from the human resources department and another high-ranking woman from EY. Which earned him a summons: “We must be careful not to short-circuit the ‘partners’”warns his “N+2” during the interview, adding that “email exchanges back and forth with HR” they are not “It’s not the right approach”.

Aude finally goes on sick leave, a “reactive anxious-depressive syndrome”. She never set foot in EY again. His employer refuses any settlement and offers only the minimum severance pay.

At the employment tribunal, Aude asks for his departure to be treated as one dismissal without just causeand seeks compensation for damages null dismissal, moral harassment, violation of health and safety obligations and discrimination based on sex. The hearing is scheduled for June 6.

Requested by Mediapart, EY declined to respond. Moreover, the French branch has already been condemned twice by labor courts, the investigative newspaper recalls: in June 2022, on appeal, for dismissal ” because of [l’]state of pregnancy » of an employee, and in October 2022, for dismissal “for no real and serious reason”.

*The name has been changed.

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