What happens to the “disappeared” Kate Middleton? All theories

For several weeks now, everyone on the internet has been discussing the mysterious “disappearance” of Kate Middleton. It all started when a representative of the British royal family stopped attending public events at the end of last year. Internet users were particularly concerned about the official statement that the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized in January and that Prince William would take leave until March 31 to care for his wife.

In mid-January, Kensington Palace announced that Kate, Princess of Wales, had undergone abdominal surgery. However, the real excitement started when the fake photo of Middleton with her children was published. We have collected all the theories regarding the “disappearance” of the wife of the heir to the British throne.

Kate Middleton with children. Photo: social networks


The first versions seemed perhaps the most adequate. In December 2023, British tabloids began writing speculation that Kate Middleton was pregnant with her fourth heir. This information emerged after the princess was spotted at a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace. According to some, during this period she showed visible changes in her figure around the waist. However, the royal family has not confirmed this information yet.

Plastic surgery

After the tabloids dropped the news that Kate was pregnant, everyone went over to her “new” features. Although some people had previously said that the princess looked pale and tired, now internet users were putting forward the idea of ​​her having plastic surgery. But this option disappeared by itself, because very long absences did not resemble long-term rehabilitation.

Escape from the Palace

Just hours after the fake photo of Kate Middleton with her children, Page Six published new footage of Kate and Prince William leaving Windsor Castle in a Range Rover. However, these images were not enough to calm the panicking public. Users write that the bricks behind the royal head are of different colors, which means that the photo is fake. Most likely the prince was driving alone. This sparked a wave of rumors that Kate had fled the palace and that the royal family was carefully hiding it. Meanwhile, fans have another argument: In the first fake photo, Kate does not have a wedding ring on her hand. The biggest alarmists write that he is dead.


One of the latest versions for today is that Kate cannot forgive the prince’s betrayal to his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, rumors of her husband’s infidelity surfaced in 2019. Then The Sun published the news that the princess had stopped communicating with her once close friend Rose Hanbury, the reasons were not given. Shortly after, the tabloids wrote that the model’s daughter was actually William’s father. After this, insiders began to report that the couple had to overcome the crisis in the relationship that arose on this basis.

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