7 things you should never miss in your wardrobe

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Every girl dreams of not only dressing stylishly, but also looking like she has an impressive amount in her bank account, country villas and a personal chauffeur. Of course, money does not buy happiness, but the desire to correspond to the Old Money aesthetic, which will never go out of fashion (at least in high society circles), has not been canceled.

So what do you need to do to look expensive? Do you buy trendy items every day and never wear the same look twice? No and no again. To get what you want, you need to spend money wisely and buy only high-quality products that will not lose their appearance even after years.

That’s why today we’ve put together seven things you should never miss if you want to look presentable.


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The first thing everyone pays attention to when communicating with a person is the bag. You probably know that people in leadership positions sometimes use accessories to show off their position and status. We recommend that you follow their example and do not save on bags. Of course, no one is asking you to buy Hermes Kelly or Chanel 2.55. Instead, you can opt for a high-quality model made of genuine leather, which will serve faithfully for more than one season.


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Shoes also play an important role in creating an image. A high-quality, trendy version can take an outfit to a whole new level, but a messy, old pair can completely ruin it. By the way, when it comes to shoes, you should not follow trends and buy the entire mass market just to take a few photos for social networks. Believe me, in real life, poor quality shoes are immediately noticeable.

leather goods

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If you want to look expensive, remember a simple rule: you cannot save on leather goods. Products made from artificial materials always look much simpler and do not age as beautifully as natural ones. Therefore, if leather goods do not yet fit into your budget, it is better to postpone the purchase and choose a product made from another material.

cashmere sweater

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A cheap sweater can be seen almost instantly. Of course, in the store you may not notice a significant difference between the budget option and the expensive one, but after a few socks it will show itself. Have no doubt. A sweater containing synthetic fibers may lose its shape and color. For this reason, we recommend that you choose cashmere products. Here we talked about how to maintain products made from this material.

Pants suit

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Last month, we had a great interview with the founder of the Mastersuit brand, who talked in detail about the importance of a well-prepared set. Their recipes can be applied not only to men’s suits, but also to women’s suits. A trouser suit made of poor materials will look cheap. Therefore, be sure to re-read our material with a specialist on how to check the quality of a product in the store before buying.


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A coat can also say a lot more about a person and their financial situation than you might think. Since it belongs to the outerwear category, it wears out faster. And therefore, everything that was hidden (read: bad quality) becomes obvious. The fluff can easily lose its shape and color, and unwanted particles may appear on the product. All this can be avoided if you choose models made of natural wool and do not try to save money.


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Sunglasses are the accessory that immediately catches your eye (at least because it’s at their level). It also does a great job of showing social status. So it’s definitely not worth saving on glasses. By the way, last year we made a material in which we talked about why budget glasses can be harmful to health.

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