10 intimate hygiene mistakes that harm women’s health

Self-love starts with self-care. We often pay more attention to appearance, forgetting about hidden parts of the body. But intimate hygiene plays an important role in how we feel. Some mistakes at home can cause great harm to a woman’s health, leading to pain and problems with reproductive function. And this only spoils the pleasure of intimacy with a partner. We tell you which everyday little things actually pose a danger.

Wearing synthetic underwear and loving thongs

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Some underwear looks sexy, but its material and model may be harmful to health. Synthetics prevent the skin from breathing and also prevent moisture from evaporating. For this reason, you should choose fabrics made of cotton and linen. Thongs also contribute to the mixing of intestinal microflora into the vagina. Therefore, perhaps it is better to refrain from wearing them regularly in favor of simpler but safer silhouettes. By the way, we have previously talked about unexpected facts about bras.

Walking for a long time in a wet swimsuit

A warm and humid environment is a breeding ground for infections. Therefore, on vacation, you do not need to go everywhere in a wet swimsuit in the hope that it will dry out under the scorching sun. Nothing may happen to your clothes, but bacteria can enter your body and cause inflammation.

Infrequent pad changes and incorrect tampons

Blood and mucus secretions are an ideal environment for bacteria. Therefore, you need to change pads and tampons every 3-4 hours. Since the skin in the intimate area is especially sensitive, it is also important to choose the right tampons in terms of size and quality to avoid harming yourself. It is better to choose specimens with a more silky surface that is easy to insert into.

Abuse of intimate hygiene wipes

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Intimate hygiene wipes are a great way to keep your body clean, especially when it’s not possible to wash yourself completely. For example, if there are no showers on the train or plane, as well as in the locker rooms after training. It is important to remember that even a correct, frequently used delicate composition destroys the natural microflora.

Washing rarely or too often

You’ve probably noticed that people obsessed with hyper-cleanliness often get sick. The fact is that not all microorganisms cause us particular harm. When we clear the protective layer of bacteria to which we are immune, more aggressive forms take their place. Therefore, it is very important to wash your face regularly but in moderation. Many products have a very aggressive effect on lactobacilli living in the vagina. However, neglecting hygiene also causes bacteria to accumulate.

Erase yourself wrong

To prevent intestinal microflora from entering the vagina, residues should be cleaned with toilet paper, strictly from front to back. The same should be done when washing in the shower. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the pressure in the shower to prevent a strong stream of water from entering the perineum.

Take a shower immediately after sex

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Be sure to wash before and after sex. But first you need to urinate and only then proceed to water procedures. This measure will prevent postcoital cystitis.

Using shower gel and bath bombs

For genital hygiene, it is necessary to use special products containing lactic acid with a pH of 5.5. Products containing aromatic scents, foams and salts can disrupt the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria.

Exercise in tight clothing

Tight shorts and tights undoubtedly look beautiful, but for sports it is advisable to choose clothes that are looser or at least not smaller in size. The intimate area contains a lot of blood vessels, so tight sportswear can restrict blood flow, causing chafing and other women’s health problems.

taking a shower during menstruation

Washing and washing the vagina, especially during menstruation, are considered harmful and even dangerous procedures by gynecologists. It is best to treat the external genitalia, but do not overdo the cleaning so as not to disrupt the natural microflora.

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