“My therapist taught me to understand and accept my emotions without fighting them”: Louise experimented with this new way of following therapy

Talking about your emotions in a psychologist’s office is not easy for everyone. Louise, 32, found an alternative with Psynergy, the first mobile psychotherapy application that uses written and video chat.

After a disappointing first experience with a psychologist face-to-face, Louise, an independent web entrepreneur, found in Psynergy a comfortable and effective way to deal with his problems without pressure, thanks to written and video exchanges with psychologists trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapies), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This application allows you to be put in touch with qualified psychologists. Unlike traditional meetings, here support is provided remotely. You can communicate whenever you want via written, voice or video message and receive a response in less than 24 hours. The perfect solution, to receive advice, without having to travel.

We asked Louise to tell us about her experience with Psynergy. How did you choose your psychologist? How do their discussions take place and how does daily monitoring take place? Encounter.

To miss. What initially attracted you to face-to-face therapy? How did it go ?

He knows. I tried in-office psychotherapy. At the time my only criterion was to find a psychologist close to home. I was very stressed because I was shy about my emotions. It didn’t go well. I passed someone in the waiting room and I didn’t feel comfortable that another person could listen to my conversation with the psychologist. Then I had a lot of difficulty communicating during the session. Being alone in the office would have helped me. I would have liked to have had more information about the psychologist to feel more confident.

How did you discover the video chat psychotherapy platform Psynergy and why did you want to try it?

After the failure of outpatient therapy, I gave up on the idea of ​​consulting a psychologist again. Then a friend who was undergoing psychotherapy for eating disorders on Psynergy told me about it. I saw the concept and told myself that I could finally talk to a psychologist without stressing myself out. I decided to take the plunge and start with a one-week subscription.

Did you have any goals in mind beyond following remote psychotherapy?

I identified them with the psychologist I chose. I first told her about my journey, then she asked me to identify a problem and explained that we would solve it step by step. We decided to look at managing my emotions.

How did you choose your psychologist on Psynergy?

There are several profiles of psychologists in the application, all of them have specialties. A video presentation of their work allows you to understand them better. I fell in love with my therapist and that’s how I chose her.

Learn more about Psynergy

With Psynergy, patients are supported by qualified psychologists trained in CBT (behavioral and cognitive therapies).

Each path is personalized, adapted to the needs of the users and the therapy is carried out with respect and confidentiality of the data. To obtain psychotherapeutic monitoring via written, voice or video message via the dedicated application, users can choose between different subscriptions adapted to their needs and without obligation, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

How did you feel during your first Psynergy consultation?

I was alone on my couch, on the phone, so I was comfortable. I have chosen to follow psychotherapy in writing, but it can also be done via voice messages or video messages. I got a little lost at first, but the act of writing forced me to be more concise. It brought a lot of order to my thoughts.

How did the trades happen on Psynergy?

After defining my goals, my psychologist sent me some exercises to do. I then explained to her in writing how I experienced the exercise, or I told her the situations I experienced every day and she responded to me via video during the day or the following day.

Has communicating through writing helped you talk about your emotions, even outside of therapy?

It allowed me to take time to think about each situation. And our conversation is recorded and remains accessible, so I can resume it whenever I want. Today I feel better equipped and more comfortable in facing certain difficulties. My psychologist taught me to understand, accept and observe my emotions and to stop fighting against them. I also feel much more serene in many other aspects of my life, on a professional or relational level.

How do you make time for psychotherapy in your professional life and lifestyle?

I live in a small town, so there aren’t many psychologists and few appointment places. On Psynergy I started psychotherapy the day after I signed up and it went very quickly. In person I would have had to take the car, find a parking lot and it would have easily taken me half a day. Psynergy is a real time saver, especially for me who works independently. I typically wrote to my therapist before going to bed and spent about 15 minutes a day with him, with no time or travel constraints.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for people who are hesitant to try video chat therapy, especially those who are nervous about confiding in a professional?

We shouldn’t leave things lying around that drain our energy. Chat therapy, if you are ashamed, stressed or don’t have time to go to the office, this is the opportunity to try it without too much effort. On Psynergy the subscription is for one week, renewable weekly. So we can take a week or two a month and not feel tied to a psychologist. This leaves a lot of freedom!

What is CBT?

CBT (for cognitive behavioral therapies) is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on modifying maladaptive thoughts and behaviors to improve mental health.

They help reduce the symptoms of disorders such as anxiety and depression, providing concrete tools and strategies.

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