Food: good news for adult children

The National Assembly unanimously voted for a text that guarantees the direct payment of maintenance to adult children, integrating the latter into a mediation system in the event of unpaid debts.

This Thursday, March 14, the National Assembly unanimously adopted a text that provides for extending the scope of an intermediation system for the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) and this is excellent news. We will explain it to you.

Today the CAF can replace the parent who must pay child support, and recover the sums not paid to the parent who must receive it. A measure adopted to limit the rate of unpaid alimony” which is now around 25% » and which especially affects women, recalled MP Orizzonti Vincent Thiébautat the origin of this bill.

This measure will now be valid even after the children have become adults. Please note that alimony can continue to be paid even when the child becomes an adult it is not financially independent. But currently, “the adult child must go through the creditor parent to obtain recovery » regrets Vincent Thiébaut in his report on the text. Which can be tricky when parents don’t get along. Even an adult, a child, should not find himself in the middle of a conflict, especially a financial one, that concerns him.

The member then proposes extend the CAF intermediation system, by 1 January 2026, in cases where pensions must be paid directly to adult children. The text will now have to pass to the Senate.

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