DignifAI, the app that “wants to give women back their dignity”, causes a scandal.

Born on the 4chan forum, the application consists of dressing women deemed too naked on the internet. A new tool of cyber violence that still mobilizes the same retrograde ideologies.

It was last February. Actress Kristen Stewart promotes queer romance Love lies bleeding by Rose Glass, was on the cover of the American magazine Rolling Stone. The art direction for this issue has been detailed on Twitter from the media: “hypersexualized, leftist and androgynous, exploding gender codes”.

Hide this breast that I can’t see

If Kristen Stewart had considered this cover still too wise for her tastes, the masculinists had found it a perfect playground. Thanks to their favorite app of the moment, Kristen Stewart swapped her mullet for a sleek bob, her leather vest for a traditional dress and stole, and her hand in her slip for a manicure paired with an engagement ring. She was no longer “Uncensored”, but “DignifAId”.

So what is this tool that is all the rage among reactors? Born on the 4chan forum, passionate about degrading sexist theories, the application aims to dress women with photos deemed indecent “to give them back their dignity” using artificial intelligence (hence the play on words between “dignify”, or make dignified, and “AI”, the Anglo-Saxon acronym for AI).

As told by our colleagues at SHEthe creator of the application had the following ideas: “With the power of Artificial Intelligence we will dress the instahots (naked girls on Instagram, ed.), we will cleanse them of tattoos, we will free them from piercings, we will lengthen their skirts” he posted anonymously on 4Chan to introduce his tool.

Excellent replacement

On X, formerly Twitter, the application proudly posts and republishes photomontages of its prey. Before Kristen Stewart, singer Miley Cyrus paid the price.

In these retouched photos against the backdrop of “slut-shaming”, a conservative vision of the place that women should occupy in society according to masculinist ideology shines through. That is, a wife and/or mother who has respect for man, family and modesty as cardinal values.

The application also tells them the codes of femininity they must conform to in order to be desirable. The longer the skirt, the better housewife she will be.

As noted SHEJack Posobiec, a figure of the far right in the United States followed by millions of subscribers, welcomed this tool which, according to him, is “redefining the Internet, bitch by bitch. »

The image of women on the internet, a lever of cyber violence

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has been used for cyber violence against women. Recently, several personalities and streamers, including content creator Léna Situations and journalist Salomé Saqué, revealed that they are victims of Deepfake porn, an illegal practice that involves superimposing a person’s face onto existing pornographic images. An instrument of incredible violence, also born on a forum: reddit.

Whatever the method, the goal is the same. Controlling women’s bodies and humiliating them.

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