“Too thin!”: Olga Buzova, who lost weight, appeared

Olga Buzova. Photo: social networks

The singer of the hit song “No half is enough” attended the press conference of the national award “MUZ-TV”. Note that the event hasn’t been held for two years but is now back. 38-year-old Olga Buzova could not miss the meeting with journalists.

The singer appeared in a snow-white outfit decorated with flowers and pointed-toe shoes. The star completed her look with a huge butterfly ring and long earrings with pearls. Guests of the briefing noted that Olga Buzova had noticeably lost weight. “Very thin!” – some whispered.

The artist said that he recently took a break by going on a short holiday to Karelia. She spent last weekend in Valaam. Buzova noted that she lived in a glass building that resembled a hut.

“This was my choice, a conscious journey. You have to give yourself permission to stop because it’s really hard to stop when you start accelerating too much. You don’t just get a second wind, eighth, ninth, tenth wind. You can’t stop because you’re fast. “This needs to be watched,” the celebrity shared. The TV presenter added that on the eve of the start of the new program “The Emperor’s Treasures” broadcast on TNT, it started again on the island.

Source: People Talk

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