Convicted of rape and domestic violence, police officer on the run

According to information from Politis, a police officer sentenced to ten years in prison for rape and domestic violence took advantage of an incompatibility in police custody to escape.

A police officer has become a fugitive. According to information from our colleagues at PoliticsXavier P., sentenced last September to ten years in prison for rape and domestic violence against three women, and since suspended from his duties, took a bribe after his arrest in Essonne last Friday for new alleged acts of marital violence.

He would have taken advantage of an “incompatibility in police custody” to escape

Although convicted for acts dating back to 2008-2014, the police officer appealed the court’s decision and was released under judicial supervision, after just two months of imprisonment. A situation considered extremely worrying by his victims, who, in an article on Parisian dated last November, they had shared the fear that animated them of meeting their attacker in the wild. “ I am outraged by this decision. Since it came out, I’ve been scared, my loved ones have been scared for me.”, one of his ex-wives in particular had testified. They had all regretted the fact that their executioner, who was in the habit of threatening them with a knife or his service weapon, was not forced to wear an anti-reconciliation bracelet.

Regarding the new alleged facts for which Xavier P. was arrested last week, “An investigation was underway and a confrontation with the victim was expected. During a hospital visit, he was given an “incompatible custody order” until his medical condition allowed him to return to his cell. According to our information, Xavier P. would have taken advantage of this moment to discreetly leave” specify our colleagues from Politics.

Cases of domestic violence committed by a member of the police are unfortunately not isolated cases. Although there are few figures on the scale of the phenomenon, the database compiled by our colleagues in the investigative media Enough!, available in full at this link, offers an excellent overview of this plague. Of 861 deaths recorded following law enforcement action between 1977 and 2022, 80 cases involved off-duty officers. In these cases, the vast majority of victims were part of the police officer’s intimate entourage (spouse and/or children). Sad example of how police violence also interferes in the intra-family sphere.

Domestic violence: resources

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