Joseph Prigogine announced the diagnosis of his granddaughter Valeria, who was hospitalized

Joseph Prigogine and Valeria with their grandchildren. Photo: social networks

The family of singer Valeria and producer Joseph Prigozhin is now worried about the condition of the three-year-old grandson of the star Celine. Yesterday the girl was not feeling well and had a high fever. The baby was taken to the hospital.

Earlier, Arseny Shulgin’s wife, Celine’s mother, Liana, posted on social networks a photo from the hospital where her daughter lay in the cradle. The girl captioned the photo: “When kids get sick, your heart breaks.”

Celine. Photo: social networks

Joseph Prigozhin announced the child’s diagnosis in a statement to Moskovsky Komsomolets. “Group B virus, pneumococcal infection. “He goes to kindergarten and catches the virus there,” the producer explained. Fortunately, little Celine is feeling better now and will return home soon.

The entertainer also said that despite the viral nature of the disease, no one else in the family was infected. We should point out that Joseph Prigogine treated his granddaughter Valeria as his own child and valued her very much.

Source: People Talk

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