“Yosi, The Regretful Spy”: Amazon Greenlights, second season of Daniel Burman Drama

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José, a repentant spy Immerse yourself in the world of international intelligence on Amazon Prime Video.

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The streamer kicked off the show’s second season, which is owned by Oficina Burman, a production company owned by Daniel Burman’s Mediapro Studios (Beijing victory).

The second season, set in 1994, deals with the attack on the AMIA building, the bloodiest terrorist attack in Argentina, in which hundreds of people were killed and injured. The protagonist Ios has become a fugitive, determined to come to light with the help of a well-known journalist when the Israeli secret services ask him to investigate the best-kept secret of Argentine arms traffickers: the Condor missile.

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Moran Rosenblatt of Israel (Fauda, click and runand Itzik Cohen (FaudaJoin actors from Argentina and Uruguay, including Natalia Oreiro, Gustavo Basani, Mercedes Moran, Alejandro Avada and Carla Quevedo. Burman will return to the role of showrunner and will share directing duties with Sebastian Borenstein, who is also the lead writer.

“It was exciting to be part of such an intense project José, a repentant spy“which has reached audiences around the world,” said Javier Balmaseda, who runs Amazon Studios’ original venues in Latin America, Canada and Australia. “This second season will be real and bigger than the first. Finally, this series once again highlights the special talent of the entire team involved in the project. “

“This new season is not only a continuation of Joseph Ransom’s research, but also a glimpse into the darkest shadow of intelligence and security forces, the secret areas of power, their contradictions and moral dilemmas. I am very excited and thrilled with how the audience perceives the series. “This project has taught me an important lesson in my life: We can restore memory through drama and fulfill the duty to ask awkward questions by telling our story,” said Burman.

Source: Deadline

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