Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly. Mother

Today, February 29, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly with a message. We’ve collected important quotes from the president.

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images

“The country faces major challenges that can only be achieved together”;

“Russian society is dominated by values ​​such as compassion, mutual support and solidarity”;

“Russia’s political system is one of the pillars of its sovereignty”;

“Problems of strategic stability can be solved in a single complex that includes all aspects of Russia’s national interests and security”;

“The Russian Federation will not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairs”;

“We will continue to develop democratic institutions”;

“A large family with many children should become the norm”;

“Russia has been and remains a bastion of traditional values; our choice is shared by the majority of people in the world”;

“The family mortgage program in Russia will be extended until 2030, preserving the basic parameters”;

“Russia’s regions are implementing measures to support families with children. I propose to help areas where the birth rate is below average. “We will allocate at least 75 billion rubles to these regions by 2030”;

“The main purpose of the family is the birth and upbringing of children and therefore the continuation of all multinational people”;

“A large family with many children should become the norm, the philosophy of social life”;

“The target over the next six years is to achieve a sustainable increase in the birth rate”;

“Graduates should have the opportunity to retake the Unified State Exam in one of the subjects before the end of the university admission campaign”;

“Lack of personnel is one of the risks for the Russian economy”;

“The salary level of university teachers needs to be increased as of September 1”;

“By 2030, the share of imports in Russia should fall to 17% of GDP.”

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