Yaroslav Mogilnikov responded to Nikita Kologrivoy’s statements about colleagues

Actor Yaroslav Mogilnikov visited the Macarena YouTube channel and shared his thoughts on creative activities and Nikita Kologriv’s criticism of his colleagues.

By the way, the man managed to surprise his fans with this news. It was revealed that he dropped out of school at the age of 16, at the height of his popularity, because it began to interfere with his filming. “At some point it clicked and I realized that work was draining me and I couldn’t work. “When I hear about my work, I get so uneasy that I’m not ready to continue,” he said.

Yaroslav Mogilnikov. Photo: social networks

By the way, the presenter asked the actor about Nikita Kologrivy’s attitude towards critical statements about his colleagues. “I didn’t quite understand whether this was Nikita’s image or whether he actually said that. Because no matter how much I see him in life, no matter how much they tell me about him, he is not like that. I just didn’t quite understand that it was on the podcast (we are talking about Nikita Kologrivy’s scandalous podcast with Eldar Dzharakhov – Note ed.). “And not only I didn’t understand it, but all the players didn’t understand it either,” he said.

Source: People Talk

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