Alexander Petrov shared a romantic video with his wife. How confused are the fans?

Alexander Petrov published a romantic video with his wife Victoria on the banned social network.

Alexander Petrov and Victoria Antonova. Photo: social networks

The actor recorded a video in which he passes Victoria Antonova on the streets, touches her and begins to kiss her. She wrote under the images, “The story of how we met.” And everything would be fine, but not all fans could appreciate Alexander’s strong grip on the girl’s neck. Along with enthusiastic comments about pure love, there were also those who wrote “somehow too harsh.”

By the way, according to Alexander, this is literally how he and Victoria met. “One day, Andrei and Klim decided to have dinner together at Patrik. We chose a restaurant. But the only free table turned out to be too small because another friend, Sasha Petrov, was supposed to join the friends a little later. Without thinking twice, Andrei and Klim left the institution and began to wander around the Patriarchate in search of a more suitable place. Soon Sasha appeared. And now – attention! Petrov saw two women at the next table and immediately wanted to meet one of them. “It was Vika and her mother,” Vadim Vernik said in January.

Source: People Talk

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