Figure of the day: Disney+ bought streaming rights to her tour recording from Taylor Swift for $75 million

Disney managed to purchase the rights from Taylor Swift to show a recording of the singer’s tour on its streaming platform, despite other services competing for the opportunity. According to Puck News.

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty Images

According to an anonymous source of the publication, Netflix and Universal Pictures were among those interested in purchasing the broadcast rights, but at lower prices. Meanwhile, The Eras tour had a budget of $20 million, but that amount was paid more than 13 times before it was released on streaming platforms. The film, based on the concert, was released worldwide on October 13, 2023 and became the highest-grossing film of its kind, collecting $261.7 million.

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty Images

But the recording premiere of “The Eras” tour is just around the corner: It will be released on Disney+ on March 15. The recording will differ from the existing film version in expanded format. A bonus for fans is that it will include four acoustic compositions whose names are still being kept secret; The only thing known is that “Cardigan” will definitely be in the cast.

Source: People Talk

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