What if the “12 in 12” meditation method was the biggest wellness trend of 2024?

To regain concentration, calm down or simply manage anxiety… meditation is an increasingly used tool on a daily basis. And while it’s not always easy to give yourself enough time to focus to do it correctly, a new method called “12 in 12” is changing that.

Only in France, according to an Ifop study, 95% of French people feel stressed or anxious. Inflation, climate emergency, geopolitical situation in the world, daily commitments, responsibilities… Many sources of anxiety can be at the origin of this problem which affects the greatest number of people today. Fortunately, there are solutions. And meditation is one of themas Deanna Brash, creator of Bodyusl (wellness centers), explains. UK charm :

“When practiced correctly, meditation helps you tune into your physical body, calm your mind, and regulate your heart rate, which can significantly reduce anxious thoughts and feelings. It stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages our body to relax and helps regulate our digestive system. »

She continues:

“Studies have shown that meditation can also reduce the risk of heart disease, while strengthening our immune system, and is associated with anatomical changes in the brain that may help prevent cognitive decline”

But even though classical meditation can be a little difficult at first, There is a much easier way to get started: the “12 in 12” method.


The “12 in 12” method in short

Behind this somewhat vague name lies an interesting technique. If you can meditate for 12 minutes straight, you can also do this in very small periods of 60 seconds spread out every hour. The target ? They allow you to maintain the level of concentration necessary for good meditation.

If one minute seems like a lot at first, you can, once you feel comfortable (usually after a week at a time), spread out your meditation time at 2 minutes per session, then add another minute the following week. Very quickly, you will reach daily sessions of 12 minutes, which is the recommended time for meditation to be fruitful.

Now you know.

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