Hacking SHEIN is the mission of The Good Goods (making Google rich in the process)

French evidence-based fashion media, The Good Goods, wants to turn its marketing tools against SHEIN by coordinating a massive influx of clicks to the Chinese fast fashion giant, without purchasing anything, from Google’s sponsored links, in order to inflate your bill in terms of acquisition cost per click. But this method has serious limitations.

The good goodsthe evidence-based French fashion media outlet just announced that it plans to “hack SHEIN.”

The Good Goods wants to turn its marketing tools against SHEIN

On December 18, 2023 on Instagram, the founder of The good goodsVictoire Satto explained that he wanted to use the marketing tools of the Chinese ultra-fast fashion giant against him to make him lose money. In fact, SHEIN pays Google a lot to get its products up in search results by purchasing keywords that match the general public’s queries. Each click therefore costs SHEIN money (this is called “acquisition cost per click”), which is largely paid back if the product is ultimately purchased. But if the product isn’t purchased, the brand is still billed for the click in question. And for this The good goods invites everyone to massively click on sponsored links to SHEIN from Google after typing a request for clothing, in order to lose money, Wednesday, December 20, 2023, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

If the approach seems funny to us, the media also admits that it turns out to be less than ideal since it will enrich Google without ruining SHEIN which is worth several billions. On the other hand, this will also have the merit of raising awareness among the general public about the digital marketing tools and methods implemented by SHEIN. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to participate or not.

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