How to clear karma before the New Year: 5 working tips

How to clear karma before the New Year: 5 working tips
How to clear karma before the New Year: 5 working tips

There are only a few days left until the new year, but what really matters is not the date and the day itself, but how we adjust ourselves and create the right atmosphere around us. And what is definitely worth accepting is that you need to enter the new year with a clear conscience and peace of mind, and you can do this by considering your karma.


Perhaps one of the most advanced methods that can neutralize the consequences of all evil and unfair actions. This option is definitely for those who consciously approach their karmic connections, because it means complete renunciation of all worldly addictions and pleasures. The situation of the person who applies this method can be described as remaining completely silent to the chaos around him and withdrawing into himself. The duration should be chosen by the person himself. This not only helps you get rid of negative attitudes, but also provides an opportunity for reflection.

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meditation app

Meditation helps you relax and leave all deteriorating thoughts behind. By meditating, one instantly gains absolute clarity and awareness of one’s actions. Additionally, if you meditate regularly, you can become aware of your negative habits that disrupt our standard of living.

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It is difficult to talk about clearing your thoughts and emotions when the entire flow of your energy is directed towards the struggle between your mind and heart. It follows from this that forgiveness is the most important stage on the path to purifying karma. Start with yourself, forgive yourself for all the words and actions that you managed to do or, on the contrary, did not manage to do. And then let go of all the actions of others. You need to suppress negative emotions to find room for bright attitudes.

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good deeds

Start radiating bright energy around you, do more good deeds, especially when this is not expected of you. Learn to shape your own thoughts through the actions you take.

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Rejection of bad habits

We need to understand that our thoughts, attitudes and desires also depend on the physical component. Therefore, it is important to understand that our physical health needs cleansing as well as our consciousness. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is a great start.

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