“I’m trying to distract them”: Gufa’s sister talked about her children’s reaction to the scandal with the rapper

The Internet is discussing a new scandal around Guf. This is all because of a video in which the rapper tries to break into the villa of his ex-wife Yulia Koroleva and daughter Tina in Phuket. But the other day the girl has already returned to Moscow and is going to deprive her ex-husband of parental rights. Now Gufa’s sister has told how she communicated with her children about what happened.

Guf with his sister Olga Dolmatova. Photo: social networks

“My children need a mother, they need conversation, attention and love. I try not to tell them what happened to my brother, but of course they are aware of the situation and are also very worried. I’m trying to distract them and I think it’s right,” the girl wrote in her Stories.

Photo: social networks

Also after the incident, Aiza-Liluna Ai spoke about Guf’s condition. “Lesha needs treatment: long and difficult. Lesha needs a professional nurse on a permanent basis, because now it’s time to accept his illness,” the girl believes.

Aiza-Liluna Ai and Guf with their son. Photo: social networks

Source: People Talk

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