“You need to get fat”: Nastya Ivleeva’s figure was criticized on the Internet

We don’t know about you, but we admire Nastya Ivleeva, who lost 20 (!) kilos. True, not everyone on the internet appreciated the move…

Nastya Ivleeva. Photo: social networks

“You need to get fat”, “She had such a juicy and beautiful figure”, “What are these bones?”, “Nastya, come back”, “What happened to you?” – this is how the blogger’s subscribers criticized her new photos. But among the angry statements there are also positive ones: “Anastasia is an incredibly strong person”, “So natural and strong”, “So beautiful.”

Nastya Ivleeva. Photo: social networks

Earlier Nastya Ivleeva explained why she lost so much weight. “And believe me, a person, I don’t know how to describe it briefly, but when you change on the outside, everything around you changes because your feelings about yourself change. Loving yourself is completely different. Before, I had to convince myself, convince myself that I loved myself. And now I really love myself,” Nastya shared on a banned social network.

Source: People Talk

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