Bruises after massage: why do they remain and is this normal?

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There is an opinion: if during the massage your muscles ache and bruises remain on your body, it was not in vain. Is it really so or is there supposed to be no scars after the procedure? We talked about this with the massage masters.

Why can bruises remain after massage?

First, let’s define what bruising is. In colloquial language, this is often called a hematoma. “Hematoma is the rupture of the capillary wall. Its tone and permeability are affected by various conditions and diseases. For example, increased levels of fat, glucose and uric acid in the blood have a detrimental effect on the vessel wall and cause damage. And vitamins A, B1, B9, C, K, trace elements sodium, potassium, calcium, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, on the contrary, strengthen it,” says Vladimir Isaev, massage therapist in the SLOWMO chain of salons.

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There may be several reasons why hematomas or microtraumas appear after massage.

Master violates the correct sequence of actions. Massage master Nikita Glukhov at Any Body studio believes that the possibility of bruising arises if the master switches to deep techniques without heating the surface tissues.

Master performs sports or anti-cellulite massage. “These types differ from relaxing or classical ones in that the master makes additional efforts to eliminate areas of tension in the muscles or dissolve subcutaneous fatty tissue,” says Galina Soyunova, massage specialist at Faceology.

Characteristics of the client’s body. Galina Soyunova also believes that bruises can appear on the body due to lack of vitamin C, too thin and sensitive skin, increased fragility of blood vessels or their location close to the skin surface. In this case, bruises may occur even from light and moderate blows of the massage therapist.

Unprofessional work of a massage therapist. Narine Gabrelyanova, co-owner of Chill&Heal studio and master of relaxation practices, says that post-massage bruises often occur due to damage to superficial veins. This may be caused by the unprofessional work of the massage therapist or the characteristics of the client’s body.

Is this normal?

Our speakers’ opinions were divided on this issue.

Nikita Glukhov, massage master at Any Body studio

“Massage can be deep and powerful, but it cannot be traumatic. “Any injury, including bruises, reduces the result of the massage to zero, because any injury means swelling and stress on the body.”

Galina Soyunova, Faceology massage specialist

“If we are talking about sports or anti-cellulite massage, the appearance of bruises in general may be one of the consequences of the work of a professional. However, if a classic massage is being performed, the appearance of bruises may indicate that the master is making more effort than necessary. You should also remember that bruising should not occur during the back massage. “The truth is that it is difficult to damage the vessels in this area, and if bruises appear, this is most likely an indication of an incorrectly performed massage.”

Narine Gabrelyanova, co-owner of Chill&Heal studio and master of relaxation practices

“For our studio’s masters, bruises are an exceptional case; we don’t see them as the norm. Technically, a massage should not leave visible scars. “An exception is if the patient has a circulatory system disease or is taking blood thinners.”

Vladimir Isaev, massage therapist of the SLOWMO salon chain

“The appearance of hematomas in some types of massage is unacceptable. Their occurrence indicates that the wrong techniques or harsh types of impact are being used. The latter includes the following types of massage: anti-cellulite, cupping and honey.

After which massage can bruises appear?

As our speakers have repeatedly stated, bruises may occur after anti-cellulite, sports, cupping and honey massage. This is due to the stronger effect of the master on muscle tissue.

How to prevent bruises after massage?

As Narine Gabrelyanova notes, all participants in the process have an impact on the result after massage. “There are masters who work with a very aggressive technique that leaves bruises on every skin. However, there are also guests whose body tissues are very sensitive. Ideally, a massage should not be painful, so a bilateral agreement is needed: the client reports his discomfort during the procedure, and the master regulates the strength of the impact. If you know that you bruise easily even in daily life, it would be better to warn your massage therapist about your characteristics in advance. In this way he will be able to create an accurate program and calculate the strength of the effect.

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Before starting the procedure, the master needs to talk to you in detail. “A professional’s job is to explain to the client how the job is done and what the consequences may be. “In a professional salon, if bruises occur as a result of the massage, the master will definitely warn the client,” says Galina Soyunova. Nikita Glukhov, massage master at Any Body studio, also adds that the master should warn the client about the possibility of minor bruises, especially if the guest requests a strong or corrective massage.

Another way to prevent bruises after a massage is to prepare well for the massage. Vladimir Isaev believes that the risk is reduced by warming up good tissues before deep exposure (you can visit the sauna, bathhouse or wrap yourself in a thermal blanket). “There is a strong blood flow to the massage area, the capillaries expand, which contributes to a softer effect,” he says. There is such an opportunity in spa programs – first they warm you up, and then they start the massage.

Even if the master for some reason did not discuss the moment of bruising with you, be proactive and initiate the conversation first. In this way, you will be sure that you will not encounter any surprises on your body after the massage.

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