Add to calendar: Where and when will the Winter Film Festival take place?

From December 1 to 7, Moscow will host the 2nd Open Russian Auteur Film Festival “Winter”. We tell you what movies to expect this year and how to watch them.

The festival program includes the comedy drama “Dance, Herring!” It is located. Starring Alexandra Lupashko are Sasha Bortich, Pavel Maykov and Anna Mikhalkova. Bortich played Zhanna, a strong and independent woman. His hero left his hometown a long time ago and settled in the capital. However, due to his father’s death, he is forced to return to his small hometown. But she “comes alive” and still calls the adult child “herring” as she did 20 years ago.

Photo: “Dance, Herring!” a frame from the movie

Viewers will also be able to see the teen thriller “110.” It was directed by Ilya Mikheev, and one of the main roles was played by Elizaveta Boyarskaya. In the story, one of the Art High School students commits suicide. The deceased’s classmate Alice and the class decide to remain silent about the possible reasons for what happened. In turn, Alice’s mother, a professional lawyer, is trying to find out what happened.

Photo: A still from the movie “110”

Director Roman Mikhailov will present his new film “Let’s Go to Macau with You”, in which he explores the problem of poker addiction and, most importantly, how it changes the lives of two close people (father and son).

Photo: A frame from the movie “Let’s go to Macau with you”

“White Road!” by Ella Manzheeva, who calls her own film a modern legend. We can’t help but mention the movie. “Sometimes words simplify the feeling, thought or emotion we experience. There are many ways and forms of manifesting the writer’s energy, and the process of cognition is much more important than the result. “This movie is my journey, I learned to be honest,” shares Ella. This story follows a young man who has to return home to find his mother after ten years.

Photo: “White Road!” a frame from the movie

Other contenders for the festival awards will be Ira Volkova’s film “Vera”, starring Victoria Tolstoganova, adapted from the story “You Never Dreamed…” and Nikolai Karyakin’s (Aidyn Ate) Yakut film “Timir”. It is about the life of an orphan boy who encounters a soul stuck between two worlds.

Photo: A frame from the movie “Vera”
Photo: A frame from the movie “Vera”
Photo: A frame from the movie “Timir”
Photo: A frame from the movie “Timir”

Competition films will be evaluated by Dmitry Davydov, Daria Moroz, Sergey Fevralev and Daniil Vorobiev. The jury will be chaired by film producer and media manager Sofya Mitrofanova (Kvashilava).

Screenings will take place in Khudozhestvenny and Moskino cinemas (it’s free, all you have to do is register on the website). You can also find more detailed information about the festival in the VKontakte community.

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