Fur hats from the USSR are back in fashion. Today I show you how to wear these

Nowadays the Slavic Bimbo Girl trend is gaining momentum on the Internet, which literally means the typical style of a Slavic girl. Voluminous fur coats and fur hats that your mothers wore in their youth and all the heroes of cult Soviet films are back in fashion. And now not only in Russia.

Girls are recording TikTok, where they try out visuals similar to Katya Lel’s viral track “My Marmalade”, and on the streets of our cities you can again see young fashionistas in fur coats. We have already talked about how to wear them this season, but now we decided to show current options for stylish looks with fur hats. Today such models are tried on not only by fashion bloggers, but also by A-list stars. For example, Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner. They choose more modern fur hats and pair them with basic casual clothes.

Source: People Talk

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