Editor’s Choice. Which coffee is better to drink?

We don’t know about you, but the only thing that saves The Fashion Vibes editors in these difficult weather conditions is capsule coffee. And if you drink it with tangerines, New Year’s mood is guaranteed! That’s right, it has so many flavors and coffee machines that your eyes widen when you see it. Fortunately, we have been through this difficult path and are ready to help you make the right choice!

A still from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”

We are already looking forward to the weekend so that we can drink coffee in capsules from Saint Coffee while watching our favorite movies… True, even here we will have to think between six mixtures, but when they are presented differently from the classic ones, even the agony of choosing from intense to sweet, from hazelnut-chocolate to almond is enjoyable It’s becoming. And if you add their signature chocolate chip, strawberry, mango or cinnamon to everything, then there is a risk of spending the whole day watching TV series without getting out from under the covers.

By the way, if you still want to leave the house and take a walk, you can go to the Saint Coffee boutique and taste the coffee flavors and understand which blend to choose and which to leave while sipping your drink while watching Harry Potter. for “Home Alone”.

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