Why do we have a breakdown at the same time every day?

Whether you’re used to napping or you’re more of the type who resists the urge to snooze until it passes… you may have already noticed that the famous dip occurs at the same time every day. But why ? We will explain it to you.

Having a nervous breakdown is completely normal and human. Whether it’s powerful or lightweight, it is a phenomenon that often appears at the same time of the day: after a meal. But why this regularity? There would be two main reasons. The first is, of course, digestion, while the second might surprise you.

Digestion causes a serotonin spike

Digesting can be tiring. Doctor Corinne Chicheportiche Ayache, nutritionist, explains it Very learned why we always feel sleepy after a meal: “About 10% of our energy is spent during digestion. The richer the meal, the more important and tiring the work of digestion is..

But imagine that this is not the only reason! Postprandial drowsiness occurs because pancreatic cells secrete insulin during digestion. This causes a spike in serotonin, which you probably know as the “happy hormone.” The latter is a neurotransmitter that promotes both sleep and falling asleep.

Melatonin: second cause of depression

If melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, is produced from 9pm until around 7.30am, we observe another peak, corresponding to the famous collapse, this time appearing between 1pm and 3pm.


A nap: a good way to revive yourself

Taking a nap is good for your health. If in France it is a symbol of laziness, in other countries it is banal and allows you to acquire energy, vigilance and efficiency. On average, it is advisable to sleep between 15 and 20 minutes in the afternoon, to experience a light sleep episode., which allows the brain to recover. A longer nap, between 2 and 2.5 hours, is more recommended on weekends or on vacation, because it requires completing a full sleep cycle. This is enough to accept the inevitability of change and, why not, take full advantage of it.

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