Kristen Stewart Wears Platform Shoes Paired With High Socks (And We’ll Do The Same This Summer)

It looks like we’re definitely not taking the high socks off the shelves this summer. However, besides not cranking the idea and history. In the current warm season, trendy influencers and street style heroes are in full swing with low-heeled shoes, flats and loafers in alliance with high white socks, Svetlana Bondarchuk votes for wool options, and Irina Shayk even combines accessories with sandals. Finally, Kristen Stewart came up with another great tandem style idea the other day. And she even decided to get a higher grade.

Kristen Stewart. Photo: Getty Images

All according to the common truths of the preppy aesthetic: the actress appeared at the Chanel event in Tokyo in a tweed suit consisting of a short jacket and miniskirt, the French brand’s most recognizable set, a white T-shirt and, of course, flavored. outfit with black platform shoes with high white socks. Cherries – a pair of contrasting necklaces and a ring with a large gemstone on the left. You can see the photo here.

Surprisingly, the image of Kristen looks really good – after all, the fashionable fruits of the actress’s collaboration with Chanel in 9.5 out of 10 cases leaves much to be desired. Well, we definitely note the wonderful combination of platform shoes and high socks for creating summer outfits – additional protection against chafing on the legs in the hot season is always worth its weight in gold.

Source: People Talk

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