“What’s wrong with your face?”: Regina Todorenko shared a controversial swimsuit photo

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Regina Todorenko has been building her successful career as a TV presenter for many years. And last year the star became a mother for the second time, and now she is trying to get back to her old self.

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The girl always loved to travel, but now her sons Mikhail and Mir accompany her. But recently, the star decided to get a little nostalgic and posted a frame from her vacation on a banned social network. In the photo, the TV presenter looked without makeup, with wet hair and pregnant with her second child. It was within this framework that Yıldız decided to announce the publication of her own book about children.

But the fans were most interested in the appearance of Todorenko. Some not only decided that Regina, who had recently given birth, was pregnant again, but criticized her for such a “live” photo.

Regina Todorenko. Photo: social networks
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“Are you pregnant again?”, “We purposely put this photo to draw attention to your fairy tale”, “What’s wrong with your face? Subscribers of the star, without makeup and even bloated! ”,“ Stomach in all photos, ”he wrote.

“I am not pregnant. This is my favorite photo of the second pregnancy,” Regina replied to her fans.

Recall that Regina Todorenko married singer Vlad Topalov in 2018. Then their first child, Michael, was born. The TV presenter told The Fashion Vibes about life after birth: “Priorities have changed, of course. Now I want to buy clothes not for myself, but for the child, not just for pleasure, but for the child so that he can work so that he has everything.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko (Photo: social networks)

Source: People Talk

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