In tears: A dog in a wheelchair raises money for disabled pets

This story touches even those who are not “pierced” by melodramas. A disabled dog named Pumpkin raises money for disabled pets. According to the People publication, the owner founded Pumpkin & Friends, a nonprofit that provides wheelchairs to animals. Together they helped 110 feathered people.

(Photo: Pumpkin and Friends charity)

The history of the pumpkin is very sad. The dog was abandoned when he was only a few weeks old. Someone noticed that he was dragging his hind legs behind him and took him to the veterinary clinic. During the examination, doctors found that the puppy had a fractured spine and both hind legs were paralyzed. According to the information given by the doctors, Kabak was injured due to ill-treatment.

The dog was given into the hands of its new owners, who bought him a wheelchair. The owners decided to help other pets. So they started their own charities. “Disabled animals are great. I want to show the world that they deserve to live. Disability doesn’t have to be a problem. This is not a death sentence,” said Tammy Fox, owner of Pumpkin.

(Photo: Pumpkin and Friends charity)

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Source: People Talk

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