Mind walk – this playful method to fall asleep faster

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Are you tired of taking hours to fall asleep? We may have a solution for you: mind walking.
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What feeling is more unpleasant than tossing and turning 100 times in bed without being able to fall asleep? We have the answer: none. Fortunately, there are simple and sometimes effective solutions to being able to fall asleep without having to spend 2 hours there. The last one is called the mental path. It consists in lie down, breathe deeply and visualize yourself walking in a pleasant, familiar and above all relaxing place. Sleep expert Matthew Walker explains this method in a nutshell on the “Zoe Science and Nutrition” podcast, he says:

“Think of a walk that you know very well. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods, a hike, or a stroll on the beach, but try to really visualize it. Concentrate to the point of thinking “this is me walking out the front door, down the stairs, out…. » »

The more you view this walk paying attention to details and the more effective the mental path will be. According to the same expert:

“If you get it right, the next thing you’ll remember is that your alarm went off the next morning. »

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What is the key to the success of the mind walking method?

If this method sounds relaxing, what makes it so effective for falling asleep? According to Joanna Shurety, a wellness coach who has testified for UK stylistthis technique would be similar to mindfulness and meditation. You should know that when our brain secretes a feel-good hormone, the latter does not distinguish between what is real and what is not. Suddenly: this feeling of peace and serenity experienced during the mental walk has the same effects on the brain as a real walk in a place that makes us feel good.

She explains:

“Bringing our brains to a place of safety, calm, and relaxation is an incredibly powerful tool for calming down and getting our bodies into a state where they can fall asleep. »

Of course, miraculous results don’t exist And if you’ve tried everything to fall asleep and haven’t been able to, don’t hesitate to see your doctor who will refer you to a specialist sleep doctor.

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