A baby in India is born with a third arm growing out of his back, a rare phenomenon

A baby has been born in India with three hands, an extremely rare medical phenomenon.

The boy, who was taken to a local hospital in Rajasthan, northern India, had two limbs in normal places and a third growing out of his back.

Doctors diagnosed them with polymelia, a condition that is mentioned only a few times in the medical literature.

The boy, pictured shortly after birth, appeared healthy, but a third arm was sticking out of his back. The child was born in Rajasthan, North India

Footage circulating online shows the baby lying on its side and crying when someone touches the extra member.

The “third arm” is shorter than the others and the hand at the end only has about three digit-like protrusions.

The little one appears to have just been born, as evidenced by the fact that the umbilical cord appears to be still attached.

The child’s name, gender and manner of birth have not been released.

The little girl is born with four legs and three hands

Raju (24) naturally gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in 2019 at a hospital in Tonk, Rajasthan.

Doctors also did not say how the child could be treated, but in previous cases the extra limbs were amputated.

They are the first child of mother Prosuta Suman.

During development, at about four or five weeks, two pairs of buds appear on the surface of an embryo and develop into limbs.

Sometimes, however, it can become disrupted and give rise to other nodules, which then develop into limbs.

This can happen later in the development process, doctors say, resulting in the extra limb being less developed than the other.

Babies can also be born with extra limbs in conjoined twins, where one embryo has almost completely withered away.

Polymelia, or being born with an extra limb, is an extremely rare condition with few cases reported in the medical literature.

Earlier examples include a little Delhi girl born in 2016 with an extra leg growing out of her back.

Varsha Sena was born with two legs but also has a third limb that grew laterally from her spine.

Doctors at the Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital successfully amputated the unwanted third leg late last month.

In another case, a baby boy in Iraq was born with eight limbs after his conjoined twin became deformed.

Instead of developing a separate body, the other undeveloped baby’s limbs were incorporated into his due to polymelia.

The baby, then seven months old, was flown to India for a complex operation to remove the extra limbs – which was considered a world first.

Surgeons at Delhi’s Jaypee Hospital performed a three-stage operation to remove his protruding extra arms and legs.

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