The post-credits scene of ‘Andor’ and its connection to the first Star Wars film

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‘Andor’ post-credits scene and its connection to the first Star Wars movie – Special (Disney+)

In the fourth week of November Disney+ released the season finale of ‘Andor’, the Star Wars series starring Diego Luna, an episode that has a post-credits scene that seems to anticipate what we will see in the second installment of this production, a sequence that connects to the films of this saga created by George Lucas.

Yes, you are one of the fans who missed the post credits scene of ‘Andor’ on Disney+you should know that this short sequence lasting a few seconds shows none other than the creation of the dreaded Death Starthe weapon that helps the galactic empire conquer practically the entire galaxy, as it has the ability to destroy an entire planet.

We must not forget that ‘Andor’ is a spin off prequel production of the successful film ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, so the above scene seems to reveal that the second installment of this production would completely connect with the aforementioned film released in 2016, a film which showed Cassin Andor for the first time.

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It is important to remember that “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” focuses on a squadron commanded by Cassin Andorwho is tasked with stealing the very plans for The Death Star, which ultimately gives Luke Skywalker the opportunity to destroy these massive weapons of the galactic empire, events that are shown in the first film of this franchise, a production released in 1977, ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’.

‘Andor’ Season 1 received applause for showing the origin of the rebel struggle, focusing on the character played by Diego Lunaand it is said that the second installment would address 5 years in the life of this future captain of the rebellion, until connecting with the events of “Rogue One”, which is exactly what the post-credits scene of the first season of this season seems to tease the production.

Season 2 of ‘Andor’

What is a fact is that it is Star Wars spin-off It is one of the most interesting releases, not only of this film franchise, but of all of Disney +, a title that has received acclaim from specialized critics showing a plot that could also work outside of this saga, since it shows the tough sacrifices people make when they start a revolution.

The best thing is that the season of ‘Andor’ is already being recorded, however, fans will have to wait several months to enjoy it, since new productions such as ‘The Bad Batch’ 2, ‘The Mandalorian’ 3 and the live action of ‘Ahsoka’ will arrive before ‘ , so most likely this title will return until the second half of next year.

By Orlando Medina

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