‘Merlina’ arrives overwhelming and leads the top of the most viewed on Netflix

‘Merlina’ llega arrasando y lidera el top de lo más visto en Netflix'Merlina' arrives overwhelming and leads the top of the most viewed on Netflix

‘Merlina’ arrives sweeping and leads the top of the most watched on Netflix – Special (Netflix)

Netflix’s viewership peaks are constantly changing, due to the many weekly releases on this platform, therefore, in this third week of November, it is one of the most recent productions to lead these rankings, it is nothing less than ‘merlin’, a production that came with Tim Burton directing.

The new original production, ‘merlin’, is the leader of the top 10 most watched series on Netflixa title that, as the name reveals, focuses on the young daughter of “Los Locos Adams”, which is based on the original literary creation and not on the successful films released in the nineties, so without a doubt it is one of the most interesting previews of November on this streaming service.

Undoubtedly, what has been achieved by the series ‘Merlina’ is noteworthy, this is because it has only a few hours on the streaming platform, moreover it has moved to second place a production that was primarily 5 weeks old, it is the original Colombian successful soap opera, ” Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe”.

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It is worth mentioning that ‘Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separes’ has managed to conquer the subscribers of the streaming giant, with a storyline that manages to captivate anyone, this is because it makes an exceptional mix of drama, romance and comedy, which translates into a very funny story that also has a duration of 85 episodes.

  • ‘merlin’
  • ‘Til money do us part’
  • ‘1899’
  • ‘Elite’
  • ‘The crown’
  • “Neighborhood Butterfly”
  • “Riverdale”
  • ‘Manifest’
  • ‘Rosary Scissors’
  • ‘dam’

On the other hand, in The 10 most watched movies on Netflixthe production that appears at the top of this list is ‘El País de los Sueños’, the new fantasy tape of this service, where the actor Jason Momoa plays a role that is far from his usual action productions, because in this movie subscribers can see the artist in a story suitable for the whole family.

In this Netflix Original Movie, “The Land of Dreams,” Momoa plays an eccentric outlaw who becomes a little girl’s guide as she discovers the Land of Dreams, traveling together to a magical reality, as the little girl hopes to see her deceased father again in this place.

  • ‘Dreamland’
  • ‘The Prodigy’
  • “Christmas on the Farm”
  • “Christmas Shot”
  • “A Crazy Weekend”
  • “The Swimmers”
  • “Christmas with you”
  • “Revenge”
  • “Boss in Diapers”
  • “What is the child’s fault?”

These are the most watched series and movies on Netflix during the fourth week of Novembertitles of high quality and of different genres, which makes it clear how large and varied the catalog of this platform is and, above all, with the releases announced by this service for the rest of 2022, these rankings are very likely to change again.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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