Bruce Campbell will star in the new Hallmark Holiday movie MY SOUTHERN FAMILY CHRISTMAS

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Bruce Campbell will star in another Hallmark Channel Christmas movie titled My Southern family Christmas, which is part of Hallmark’s Christmas countdown program. Campbell had already starred in the movie Hallmark One night in December.

In the upcoming Hallmark Christmas Movie, “In the guise of a reporter, Campbell gets the chance to meet his biological father for the first time, without him knowing who he really is. While spending time with him and his family, as well as that with the keeper of the city records, he realizes that families are wonderful and messy things.

Ultimately, “Campbell must decide whether he will keep his identity a secret or reveal the truth to his father, a decision that will change their family’s Christmas forever.”

Campbell is always fun to watch, even if he’s in these silly Hallmark Christmas movies. She just has that charm and sense of humor that works for these kinds of projects. The only Hallmark movies I will see with my wife are the ones starring Bruce Campbell.

The film is also the protagonist Jaicy Elliot, Ryan Rottman, Moira Kelly, And Brian McNamaraand will premiere Thursday, November 24 on the Hallmark Channel.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant