John Boyega provides the latest update on ATTACK THE BLOCK 2 saying “We’re close enough”

Fans have been waiting for over a decade for a sequel to the cult classic Attach the blockand its star, John Boyega, gave us the latest update. Boyega has been pretty busy ever since the first film premiered, starring in the lead role in the finale Star Wars trilogy, as well as many other dramas, series and action films, including his own film Breakpremiered two weeks ago, and its upcoming epic historical drama, The woman king. He has many other irons in the fire, but he hasn’t forgotten the fans who can’t wait Attach block 2.

In a recent meeting with Collider, the actor provided the following update on the sequel:

“We are close enough. We are getting there. Obviously, we don’t want to release dates to anyone because we want to take care of the creative process. We have the main backbone of the story, but we’re still in the lab, just to make sure the story is right. History is everything. But it won’t take long. I gave them the drums to speed up the process. Hopefully, we’ll soon have an announcement for when we’re out and about in London messing around. “

When asked if he had a say in the development and history as the film’s producer, Boyega replied:

“Yes. This process was fantastic. The story was actually presented by me and Joe Cornish. We worked together a lot to create a story that makes sense for Moses and the other characters that will arrive in the second. [film]and also the new characters that will come out in the sequel. And then, too, there are different perspectives in writing it, with Joe having his point of view and I having mine. London has changed so much, in so many different ways, over the years since the first film. We’re just trying to make sure we explore all of that, while bringing a completely different vibe to that crazy first movie we made.

When asked what it was like to return to a character a decade later, and if he should go back to review the film and his performance, Boyega said:

“Yes, you do. You go back and watch the movie again and remember the character. I went back to my old script. I have my old notes to read. And then, what’s more, all the material that Joe collected, over time to create the first film, in terms of tone and everything that was in the Bible for Attach the block, we take it out of the dusty corners, blow the dust off and get back to work. Now it’s about aging the character slightly and seeing where he is now. “

Writer and director Joe from Cornwall is back for the sequel, and while we don’t have a date yet, it’s nice to know it’s all in the works. You can not wait Attach block 2?

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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